Monday, November 22, 2010

Spanish Rice

This may seem like a pretty random recipe for the week of Thanksgiving but I assure you it's not. Spanish Rice has been a staple in my family at Thanksgiving for as long as I can remember, (yes, it goes right next to the mashed potatoes and turkey!). I have no idea when we started doing this or why, but I'm sure families of different heritages incorporate their own dishes and flavors into the traditional feast. I see it as a way to bring the family together, celebrate the traditional way and yet add a bit of your own heritage and history to the mix. And for us, Thanksgiving just isn't the same without Spanish Rice.

Spanish Rice
(printable recipe)

1 c white rice
1/2 small onion, diced
3 c chicken stock*
4-6 oz. tomato sauce (about 1/2 small can)
1/2 tsp. comino
salt & pepper to taste

Fry the rice in a few tablespoons of oil at a medium heat, stirring constantly. Once the rice starts to get a little color add the onion and continue stirring until the onion is fragrant and the rice is nicely toasted. Pour in the hot chicken stock, tomato sauce, and comino. Stir to combine, turn the heat to low and cover. Simmer for 20 minutes.

*I tend to use the Knorr chicken bouillon for this. I heat up 3 c of water and add 2-3 tsp. of powdered bouillon. It just gives it the flavor I'm used to (and it's already salted, which is nice). Feel free to use real chicken stock.

Also, there's a number of different things you can add to Spanish Rice to change it up a bit. Try adding handful of (pre-cooked) peas, carrots, limas, chopped tomato or even dried shrimp for a little variety.


  1. let me just say adding this to thanksgiving is brilliant...if i wasn't doing korean this year i would TOTALLY add this to my menu. LOVE IT!

  2. When I was married to my daughter's dad, I got pretty good at making flour tortillas and menudo, and I was a mean masa spreader when it was tamale-making time, but making the rice was always his job. I'm going to give your recipe a try and surprise my daughter. Thanks for visiting my blog. I found yours when I was writing about Hank, and I love much so, in fact, that I'm posting about YOU tomorrow.

  3. Very cool, thanks Dana! I hope you like the rice, this is how I was taught to make it, except my mom never had an exact recipe so I had to figure out the proportions on my own :)