Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Red River, NM Vacation Recap

So, I was MIA all last week due to a family vacation to Red River, NM. It was a blast. I hadn't been to Red River in a few years, (I wasn't even drinking age the last time I went!) so it was nice to go back to "Little Texas" as it is often called. We enjoyed shopping, hiking, horseback riding, fishing, and several day trips to Taos and Santa Fe. Definitely a jam-packed week.

Here's a few highlights:

One of the best ways to appreciate the lush mountains in Red River is to take the lifts up to the top of Wheeler Peak. Red River is a popular destination for skiers in the winter, but the lifts stay open year round. If you're ambitious (and haven't eaten your weight in candy on the drive) you can even hike down.

Red River also has some scenic fishing spots, we caught our fair share of rainbow trout here with some good ole' nightcrawlers.

And then there was shopping, or for me the pursuit of silver charms and all things turquoise. By far the best place to find a treasure is in Santa Fe. You can by right from the hands that forged the silver on the plaza, and get a pretty good deal to boot!

And before we spent all our money we had to take a trip up the mountain on horseback. Or in my case, via burro. Red River Stables had a full tour and employed all their horses and donkeys, putting me with Little Mexico and Hank with Einstein. It was a nice (and steep!) ride up. I was glad to be with sure footed Mexico on the rocky cliffs. The guide told me she had been found with a bunch of wild horses along the Turquoise Trail, at the Mexico / Arizona border. They believed her to be a drug smuggling burro who had been set free after performing her task!

Last but never least, the food. We ate really well on this trip, everything from giant italian sandwiches to enchiladas, to steak and hamburgers. I got lots of great ideas from this trip, Green Chile Enchiladas are up next on my to-make list. And look out for Cactus Salsa soon!


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