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Hi, my name is Sylvia. I was born and raised in Dallas, and currently live here with my husband Hank (Mr. Hungry Texan) and my dog Otis. I was brought up in our family restaurant, the Gold Rush Cafe, and developed an early interest in cooking and baking. Growing up I spent summers at the restaurant, helping out with the daily special or making up a dessert and generally getting in the way. Once I moved out on my own I began experimenting with cooking, calling my folks and trying to duplicate all those dishes I had as a kid. Most of my favorites were simple things, chili, poor man's supper, sausage & cabbage, pot roast, fideo, and any soup or gravy my dad could whip up. Cooking has always given me strong ties to my childhood and my heritage.

Our family is of Spanish descent and came to Texas through Mexico. I have a deep love of Tex-Mex and authentic Mexican cooking, I can smell comino a mile away and live for fresh beans and tortillas. I also love diner style food and southern cooking. To me these types of foods are always cooked with such heart, everyone is welcome, the food is humble but plenty, great taste and good times abound. I always try to emulate this at my table whether its dinner for 2 or twenty.

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