Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Steak Butter Sauce

Here's a quick sauce to whip up and slather on steaks or anything else you fancy. Its barbecue season! Grill meat now!
You need just a few things,

Melt the butter over low heat, don't allow it to brown. Add worchestershire sauce, lemon juice, pepper, dry mustard, hot pepper sauce, kitchen bouquet and minced garlic. Stir to combine and heat through, serve with steak!

This will yield enough to fill 1 pint jar, which makes it perfect to make ahead and take to a bbq. It will start to separate as it cools so it may need to be rewarmed before serving. Here's the exact recipe proportions:

Steak Butter Sauce
(printable recipe)

1/2 lb. butter (2 sticks)*
1/2 c worchestershire sauce
juice from 3 lemons
1 tablespoon freshly ground pepper
1 1/2 tsp. dry mustard
1 tsp. hot pepper sauce (like Tabasco or similar)
1 tsp kitchen bouquet
1 clove fresh minced garlic

* reduce this to 1 stick of butter for a more concentrated sauce

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