Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Burguesa Burger

Hank and I decided it was time to check out Burguesa Burger, home of the original Mexican burger. There are 5 locations around DFW, our local Oak Cliff location just opened its doors weeks ago. They specialize in Mexican style hamburgers, and feature a signature burger, La Monumental.
We decided to split one thinking it must be... well, monumental. It was definitely a big sandwich, checkout the setup:

I love the tostada in the center but I wanted more beans. Also the burger is served with a whole jalapeno on top, I would have preferred sliced jalapenos layered in there. The ham is a great touch, as is the avocado. My only other concern was the beef, which was obviously frozen patties. I guess for an $8 combo you really can't expect handformed patties. The star here is definitely the toppings and overall it was a good burger. I'm sure you want to see the inside...

I also liked the spicy fries and salsa cremosa for dipping. Each combo comes with a cute lucky taco fortune cookie and if you dine in there's free peanuts!
Burguesa Burger also makes their own sodas which I didn't realize until we were headed out, have to try those next time.

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