Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Salsa Roja

This is the salsa I grew up with. I remember watching my grandpa in awe as he mixed up huge quantities of his special salsa at the Goldrush Cafe. It has always been a customer favorite, and definitely a favorite of mine as well. Simple, spicy, and full of fresh flavor, this classic red salsa hits the spot.

I've scaled this back and tried to simplify the process slightly, since I never need such a large batch. His salsa was always hand chopped, I think that makes it that much more special but feel free to use your food processor if you like.

Salsa Roja
(printable recipe)

4 roma tomatoes
1/4 large white onion
3-4 jalapenos
handful cilantro
3/4 c tomato sauce
salt & pepper to taste
garlic salt to taste

Slice the tomatoes in half lengthwise, give them a good squeeze to remove the seeds. Finely dice the tomatoes & onion, mince the jalapenos very fine or process in a food processor. (use caution / hold your breath when you open the lid. Trust me.) Combine with chopped cilantro and and tomato sauce, add a little water to get a consistency you're happy with. Season with plenty of salt, pepper, and garlic salt. Serve with fresh tortilla chips.


  1. I love your photo - I'm wishing I had a big bowl of this salsa right now!


  2. yummmm! I was planning to make salsa today and here I came. My recipe is similar but what do you mean by tomato sauce? I would think it means tomato paste?

    These things mean different thing s in different places so hadta ask ;)


  3. Tomato paste (like you find in a tube or very small can) is too thick to use, stick to tomato sauce (plain sauce, no added seasonings, etc) it pours easily and gives a nice base for this salsa.

  4. I have been looking for a simple salsa recipe for the football weekend. Looks great. I'll need to cut back the cilantro since my wife is not a fan but I'll get some in there.

  5. There are a few little tastes of Mexico in our little corner of Connecticut here, authentic little places owned and operated by Mexicans. They're wonderful, and the best of the lot also has the best salsa of the lot. I wanted to get as close to their recipe as I could and your salsa looked like a close match. I made it last night and tried it, but something was missing. That something was even more cilantro, which in my mind you can't overdo! Sure enough, more cilantro and aquĆ­! Success! Sometimes simplicity is best, and such is the case with this fantastic recipe. We always have a store-bought salsa in the fridge, usually taking quite a while to finish, but this salsa is being devoured by the entire family, with everyone coming for refills. No exaggeration, this is the real McSantos! Thanks!

  6. This one is good. keep up the good work!.. Thai Food Recipes