Friday, December 31, 2010

Goldrush Cafe

I may be a little biased considering my family owns the place, but I can still swear up and down that the Goldrush Cafe has some of the best hangover cures in town. And with all the partying you'll be doing tonight, you're gonna need one. We beat the crowd this morning to feast on three of my favorites:

The John Wayne: this dish has been touted as THE hangover cure for, well, since before I was old enough to know what a hangover was. Its a delicious pile of breakfast: a warm flour tortilla is topped with crispy golden hashbrowns, then 2 fried eggs, the house salsa roja and a sprinkling of cheese. And its served with sausage, bacon, veggie sausage, or for those of us who want to go whole hog, chorizo. Order a cup of black coffee just like the Duke would, and give that hangover a kick in the arse.

Viva Goldrush: The Viva Goldrush never receives quite the same amount of attention as the infamous John Wayne, but its a great hangover cure just as well. Its the classic steak and eggs, served a la Goldrush (topped with the house salsa), with beans and flour tortillas. Forget about the pancakes or heart healthy bowl of oats, you need steak. With beans. And eggs. For breakfast. Its the right thing to do.

Huevos Rancheros: If I could have beans, chorizo, and flour tortillas every day for breakfast I would. Half the time I forget about the eggs, although they are cooked any style and topped with green salsa (delicious), I just love to make little chorizo tacos and sip coffee to my heart's content. No hangover required.

Have a safe and happy New Year's everyone! Stop by the Goldrush once you roll out of bed tomorrow, you'll be thankful you did.

Goldrush Cafe
1913 Skillman
Dallas, TX


  1. All this looks so good! I'm going to have to try a Goldrush breakfast soon.

  2. this is funny! I used to live on Ross, right near Goldrush. I would go there sometimes for brunch with my friends. Now I live in Oaklawn but I still love Goldrush.