Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Keller's Hamburgers

I know, I know, we've been hitting the drive in's lately. I can't resist them, I love to eat in the car- makes me feel like I'm traveling or on vacation. And I allow myself to eat things I normally wouldn't: chili covered anything, fries, tots, milkshakes, soft serve cones. They're all just part of the experience.

Enter Keller's Drive In. I think my folks have been going here since before I was born. Keller's is an East Dallas staple, and has been around since the 50's. Conveniently located off of Northwest highway and Abrams you'll find this place hoppin' at lunch and dinnertime and full of hot rods on the weekends.

Hank and I stopped in Saturday for lunch, Keller's was busy but the service was fast and friendly. I chowed down on the chili cheese hotdog, which was great but needed mustard. I suppose I could have asked for it. Hank's burger was also really good. I stole a big bite- I forgot they have poppy seed buns, love those.

We caught a glimpse of a few bikes and this beauty as I was trying to snap a shot of the menu.

Speaking of Keller's menu it has all the drive in treats you might expect- hamburgers, hot dogs, grilled cheese, fries, tots, and corn dogs. The menu itself looks as old as the building with prices to match, well almost...I think we spent $10 and change. Overall a great stop for a quick lunch or a casual night out. And did I mention they serve beer? Bonus.

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