Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Pollo Regio

Ahh Pollo Regio, I love to drive by there and just inhale the chicken scented smoke wafting from the smokestacks. It's pretty glorious. And makes me instantly hungry.

Hank seems to get something different each time we go. This time the quesadilla.

Me? The first thing I tried there was this Tostada Siberia. As big as your face and stuffed with chicken, crema, and an avocado sauce. I love it because I just pile on the salsa and munch on the jalapeno and it reminds me of eating fried chicken minus the bones and grease. Also the tostada shell stays crisp. Even after spending a day as leftovers in the fridge. Rad.

The salsa bar at Pollo Regio is expansive and tasty. You don't see too many places that have the pickled onions, those are a treat in and of themselves.

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