Thursday, September 30, 2010

Blog Changes / Fall Update

Hi, Sylvia here. Just wanted to let ya'll know about some changes taking place over the next few days here at the Hungry Texan. I'm spreading my wings a bit and invested in a new domain,, so update your bookmarks! If you're following the blog via Google Reader, etc. the transition should be seamless, but please let me know if you encounter any issues. The old address is set up to automatically forward for now, so we should be all covered.

In other news, Fall is here and I'm gearing up for lots and lots of baking (finally!). I'm also working on pressure canning my chili and preparing for the upcoming chili cookoff. October is already a jam packed month, but I hope to bring you guys a few advance-prep recipes for the holidays (sweet potato butter! tamales!) and of course a few Halloween and Dia de los Muertos themed posts.

Speaking of Halloween, Hank and I are actually on the ball this year and have our house all decked out with spooky spiders, skeletons, and monster toys. The next step for us is carving the jack-o-lanterns, one of my favorite fall activities! I'll be sure to post a few templates on the Downloads page as I make them.

That's all for now, the canning recipe for Okra Pickles will be posted tonight!

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